Safely Handling a Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows, as a rule, are generally safe and effective to operate by commercial and homeowner users as they do not have any motorized parts or sharp edges and are simple to use. However, at Tufx we want to ensure the safest handling procedures are followed by our valued customers and have come up with some simple ways to improve your user experience as well as help prevent accident and injury. Anytime you balance a heavy load on a single wheel, you have to pay attention to what you are doing. As there is no cover piece to a wheelbarrow, some workers may think they can load it as long as the material doesn’t fall out, however, overloading a wheelbarrow is a sure way to lose control of it. Use the following tips to stay safe while using your TUFX wheelbarrow:
• Only put in a wheelbarrow the amount of weight you can physically handle on an incline or when turning a corner and do not exceed the weight capacity provided for the specific wheelbarrow in use.
• Make several trips for large loads.
• When you raise and lower the handles of a wheelbarrow, treat them like any other heavy load you lift. Keep your back straight and lift through your legs.
• Balance your load over the wheel for good control.
• Keep your speed under control.
• Keep a tight grip on the handles.
• If you lose control of a wheelbarrow, let go of the handles and shout a warning to others.
• Avoid trying to move such things as planks with a wheelbarrow. Use a hand truck for
long or awkward loads
• Keep wheelbarrows wheels properly lubricated for easier use.
• Store wheelbarrows out of the way of aisles and stairways and away from emergency equipment and maintain your wheelbarrow by checking attachment points and handle grips. Keep your wheelbarrow in a dry place over the winter months.

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